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7 essential scents for Valentine’s Day

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We know that scents are connected to emotions; they can evoke memories, change our mood or simply help us feel more relaxed. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we look at some of the scents known for their aphrodisiac properties to get us in the mood for some lockdown love…


Probably one of the most versatile and popular scents used in aromatherapy, lavender oil is distilled mostly from the variety Lavandula angustifolia. One of the many reasons for this plant’s popularity is its stress and anxiety reducing properties. It is also proven to promote relaxation, which in turn has shown to have aphrodisiac effects.

Which candles? Try thyme & cedar, pink grapefruit & basil or look out for new fragrance white geranium and bluebell which all use lavender as a mid-scent.


Widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, sandalwood oil is extracted from the timber and roots of the tree Santalum album. Native to India and Southeast Asia, this small tropical tree boasts healing properties and promotes relaxation. Studies have shown that when its fragrance is absorbed, it can also improve mood and increase sex drive.

Try patchouli, sandalwood & amber, rosemary & sage or NEW fragrance bergamot & bamboo which all feature a sandalwood base.

Ylang ylang

Associated with evoking feelings of euphoria, this wonderful fragrance is said to ease symptoms of depression. Taken from the yellow star-shaped flower of Cananga odorata which is indigenous to India, Indochina, and Malaysia, ylang ylang oil is an intense mood-booster and is often used to reduce sexual anxiety whilst increasing desire. Win win!

Grab a gardenia groove which is created using an ylang ylang, musk and sandalwood base.


Extracted from the rinds of the yellow citrus fruit of Citrus bergamia, or bergamot citrus tree, this well known fragrance is widely used to elevate mood and decrease stress. Earl Grey tea lovers will recognise this fragrance as it is used in the blend of this famous tea. It is also thought to increase confidence (inside and out of the bedroom).

Look out for rosemary & sage, pink grapefruit & basil, lime zest & mandarin, smoked oak & black pepper and our new fragrance bergamot & bamboo. All of these fragrances have a hint or more of bergamot


With its earthy, woody aroma, patchouli is derived from the leaves of the patchouli plant. Pogostemon cablin, a member of the mint family, is a perennial herb with delicate and fragrant pink flowers. Its properties are thought to increase energy and decrease inhibitions.

Often considered as a rather ‘retro’ scent, it is making a come-back! We love it for its ability to combine easily with other lighter fragrances. It’s also used frequently in yoga and tai chi promoting calm and feelings of tranquillity.

Which candles? Try patchouli, sandalwood & amber which combines two aphrodisiac oils.


An uplifting scent, orange is often mixed with sweet scents like ylang ylang to create a perfect blend. It acts as an enhancer for other scents, particularly lavender, and is widely considered for its aphrodisiac properties.

How about pink grapefruit & basil created with an orange top scent?


Last, but not least, and one of our favourites, jasmine is sweet & sultry, an evocative scent derived from the white flowers of the Jasminun officinale plant. Known for its sweet properties, it has been used as a perfume base for centuries and is perhaps best known as THE queen of aphrodisiac essential oils. Thought to boost mood and alleviate the symptoms of depression, studies have known that it also increases alertness. It is believed to help boost low blood pressure and increase blood oxygen saturation levels – contributing to its aphrodisiac properties.

Best candle: peony blossom, which uses a jasmine mid-scent to create its beautiful aroma.

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