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Hello and welcome... My name is Sally McCaffrey, founder of The Botanic Wick.  I am enormously excited to bring you my unique collection of truly authentic botanic fragrances.

Having spent 20 years enjoying work as a professional gardener, I am inspired by the richness and diversity of aromatic flora.


So, four years ago, I decided to embark on a quest; to capture the essence of botanic and plant-based fragrances in the form of beautiful vegan candles that allow you to connect with nature all year round.


I appreciate not everyone is as nutty about plants as me, but we all love a nice smell.  I wanted to design a collection of elegant fragrances that encapsulate the seasons and harness the power of botanic remedies used for centuries. With this in mind, I began my research, blending fragrances of herbs and fruits, woods and flowers to create unique, emotive aromas. 

Supporting small business is at the heart of The Botanic Wick brand.  Joining me on my quest to bring you authentic botanic fragrances are a group of truly inspirational women. A team of local working Mums who, by bringing their expertise and passion, have made The Botanic Wick possible.

Hand-poured in small batches in my workshop near Hampton Court, every element (from creative support and design through to materials and manufacturing) is sourced from a small or family-run business, most of which are local to my hometown of Molesey.  I have carefully selected UK based suppliers that are dedicated to ethical and sustainable business practice.


I hope my candles bring as much joy to you as creating them has brought me.


Thank you for supporting #smallbusiness

Yours botanically, 

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