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  • How long will my candle last...?
    Every handcrafted Botanic Wick candle has a burn time of approximately 45 hours.... It's a marathon not a sprint.
  • What is my Botanic Wick candle made from?
    Mostly love... but also highest-grade natural mineral wax and a delicate blend of paraben-free, vegan friendly fragranced oils.
  • Is my Botanic Wick candle ethically produced?
    - All ingredients in The Botanic Wick candles are cruelty-free and vegan friendly - Our materials are sourced from small or family-run UK based suppliers - Our packaging is either recycled or recyclable. - Although our means of production are already extremely low-impact, we are constantly striving to reach carbon neutral manufacturing.
  • Is my Botanic Wick candle vegan friendly?
    100% yes.
  • How clean is my Botanic Wick candle?
    Each of our botanic fragrances undergoes rigorous lab-testing for allergens and particulates (particles released into the air whilst burning). Whilst it is important to note that any type of combustion produces particulates, we have minimised this by carrying out extensive testing before selecting the right wick for the wax, container size, fragrance and blend ratio to give as clean a burn as possible with little or no sooty deposits.
  • Why should I buy from The Botanic Wick?
    The Ethos – The Botanic Wick candles allow you to stay connected to nature all year round. High quality materials, authentic botanical fragrances and ethical production that supports #smallbusiness, brought to you by an all-female team. What's not to love? The Design – Chunky glass vessels slow down the burn and ensure an even heat distribution is maintained whilst your candle is lit (and more importantly whilst cooling after use). The rose gold lids will keep dust out and fragrance in, they also double-up as a coaster to protect your surfaces whilst you enjoy burning your candle. Good looking and practical! The Science – Double braided cotton wicks and an 8-10% blend ratio makes for a scent throw to knock your socks off! Our unique fragrances are powerful enough to fill the largest of rooms whilst delicate enough not to overpower in smaller ones. Bang for your Buck - Manufactured locally by hand in small batches means environmental impact is minimal and overheads are low. Luxury doesn't have to be pricey!
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